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Frequently asked questions

We would love to hear about your specific questions! If your questions have not been
answered, email us with a brief message or simply call or text us to chat.

How long will it take to declutter & organize my space?

It depends on how much clutter you have and how quickly you are able to make decisions to part with items. We will guide and support you through the process.

How does this process work?

We ask our clients to send us pictures of the space they would like to organize, or we can book a complimentary consultation if you feel more comfortable meeting us. From here, we are able to assess the time it will take and any organizing materials that we may need and recommend to our clients to help them maintain an organized space. Once we begin, we sort items into toss, donate, keep, store, etc. 

Does SOFY charge a cancellation fee?

YES, we do. Please be considerate of the extraordinary time and effort that goes into planning a scheduled visit to your home. Any cancellation within 48 hours of
the booked SOFY visit will be subject to a flat fee of CAD 200.00. We look forward
to working with you!

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